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Orisun Studio produces projects to effectively support a variety of artistic talents and shows how creatives can shape our future. We are a producing organization that connects different art forms that are less exposed within the current infrastructure. We focus on a new crop of artists who are underexposed by platforms in the current local musical landscape, namely hip-hop, new wave, post-modern music, soul and R&B. We also have a strong focus on design, in particular fashion and (interior) design. We combine these art forms together to bring everything to a new level and thus appeal to a new target group. Due to our diverse and young network we can create innovative and unique (video) productions and events that shares new narratives.

Orisun Studio is a foundation established to promote creativity, social value and the (financial) position of creative talents. We offer opportunities, support, publicity and a platform. We carry out commissioned projects and collaborate with other cultural institutions or creators. By encouraging craftsmanship & new idea’s, Orisun helps bring a good idea to life among young creators with a uniquely composed team. We do this in a variety of ways:

Producing projects: like production of audiovisual material, production of sound recordings and distribution, events, programming festivals and similar projects. Orisun Studio has initiated and collaborates on projects such as: Homegrown, How To Start A Label, Third Culture and I Beg To Differ.

Promoting creatives: on the one hand we offer a place for talent development of makers and artists and on the other hand we increase the visibility and findability of these talents for a wide (online) audience. This is why we created “Homegrown”: An online platform to display its own projects and the work of innovative local creators, building thus a well-curated local talent hub accessible to anyone. This initiative responds to the growth of digital culture and fills a gap in the lack of an online stage where an interdisciplinary group of creative makers reunites as a form of artistic expression. Homegrown—and Orisun—promote public access to the new generation of creatives in the industry, while giving them the opportunity to build an audience.

Webshop: In addition, the platform also aids artists and makers financially by means of the Homegrown webshop, in which many of the art, fashion and design pieces showcased in the music video are for sale.

Homegrown is a multidisciplinary creative platform

Homegrown is a multidisciplinary creative platform specialising in live music video productions. Homegrown Sessions are characterised by an aesthetic fusion of set design, cutting edge fashion styling and the showcasing of visual art - all brought to life in the context of a live performance by an upcoming musical artist.

Founded in late 2018 in The Netherlands, Homegrown is one of the projects under the umbrella of production house Orisun Studio. The vision for the platform was conceived by founders Nike Ayinla and Nas Hosen out of a desire to unite a community of artists, creatives, producers and likeminded individuals in cooperative creation and talent development.

By offering a platform for newly emerging creatives over a broad spectrum of disciplines, Homegrown Sessions have become a one-stop digital space to discover new artists, and for artists to become visible to a truly engaged audience. In addition, the platform also aids artists and makers financially by means of the Homegrown webshop, in which many of the art, fashion and design pieces showcased in the music video are for sale.

Homegrown celebrates cultural and creative diversity. The platform is strong proof of the magic that can arise when talents from a broad spectrum of creative disciplines unite their craftsmanship, cultural backgrounds, and unique artistic identities. Passionately serving the higher ideals of creative impact through collaboration, Homegrown brings people together in a way that honours the ‘community based’ spirit of the platform.

Third Culture initiated by Yasmien B in collaboration with Orisun Studio

Third Culture’ is a video series which highlights multicultural perspectives of different groups within the diaspora but are breaking boundaries by creating their own new worlds. In our first season we zoom in on the Maghreb diaspora living in The Netherlands. Subsequently reflected on by a panel of inspiring members of the community who will explore topics such as identity, spirituality, love, sex and racism.

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Orisun labels
HTSAL, Homegrown, Third Culture

Programme partners
Stroom , Cultuur + Ondernemen, Dutch Design Week / Dutch Design Foundation, Bij priester, De Steek, H3C, Effenaar, The New Originals, Loudlab, The Grey Space in the Middle, Mink Records, I Beg To Differ

Educational partners
Pep den haag, Bureaugraswortel

Funding partners
Optie B, Gemeente den haag, Budgetcam, Fonds 1818, Voordekunst, Cultuurschakel / Geldvoorjekunst, PATTA, PIP, Andrew , PRINS27, TMT training & Massage

Media partners
Den Haag Centraal, Loudlab, Thedailyindie , 3voor12 Den Haag, Elle, Vogue, Popradar, Budgetcam, Alien Mag, Dutch Design Week, TV West, Grote Kunst Kalender

Board members:
Jenske Sypkens Smit, Ebony Woerdings and Daniëlle de Hoog